Weddings & Special Events

We have hosted numerous weddings of all sizes at the resort, from small and intimate functions to those with over five hundred guests. In this respect we justifiably consider ourselves to be expert wedding organizers, and we leave no stone unturned in order to ensure total perfection for one of life’s most important of events.

In order to achieve this, it goes without saying that we will meticulously go through every single detail with you to include the following:

  • The exact positioning of the wedding pavilion, and whatever tents, tables and bars that might be required for your subsequent reception party.
  • All your flower arrangements and bouquets, and also your decorative requirements with their exact positioning should you wish us to provide and arrange these on your behalf
  • Your snack, canapé and/or full meal menus
  • The colours of the table cloths and napkins you would prefer.
  • Your choice of cutlery, crockery and glassware
  • All the drinks you wish to be provided at your bar outlets.
  • The music of your choice whether it be a discotheque or a live band, and also the possible use of our public address system which you might require for the head table depending on the number of your guests.
  • The decoration of any guest rooms you might require.

And while some people get married in some unusual places these days, we also have a floating pavilion which can be placed anywhere of your choice along our lakeshore frontage – or even at the end of the jetty – and which can be fully decorated with flowers or whatever else you prefer in order to perfect the setting.

The Grounds

The flat area between the resort’s main buildings and the lake shore is covered with lush grass that is regularly manicured by hippos when they leave the lake to feed at night, and is bordered on all three sides by mature Acacia trees. To the right of the lounge is a small forest of tall Euphorbia – a type of cactus – whose upper limits are conveniently trimmed by our resident giraffe, and through which leads the access path to our guest cottages. The dining room to the left of the lounge has a shaded patio, and beyond this are the conference halls and the swimming pool. These are all fronted by cultivated gardens which follow through to line the access path at the rear of the guest cottages and, wherever you go on the estate, you will almost always be certain to come across giraffes and waterbuck, solemn Colobus monkeys, and the more mischievous and frivolous Vervet monkeys.

Lake Naivasha

Lake Naivasha is a freshwater lake in the Kenya section of Africa’s Great Rift Valley, and is located north west of Nairobi with the town of Naivasha on its north eastern shore. At 1,890 meters (6,200 ft) above sea level, the lake is at the highest point in the Kenyan rift, and is set in a complex geological combination of volcanic rocks and sedimentary deposits from a much larger Pleistocene era lake. Because the outlet for this ancient lake, now called Njorwa Gorge, is today much higher than the lake, the original Lake Naivasha must have indeed been a truly vast expanse of water. The gorge now forms the entrance to the Hell’s Gate National Park which, for obvious reasons, today contains some spectacular examples of water and weather-worn rock formations as well as an abundance of flora and fauna to include some extremely rare, resident breeding pairs of Lammergeyers, otherwise known as Bearded vultures.

Apart from transient streams, Lake Naivasha is fed by the perennial Malewa and Gilgil rivers and, most unusually, it now has no visible outlet. However, it must be assumed that such a large body of water has to have an underground outflow through a volcanic fissure or similar somewhere beneath the expanse of its lake bed, and it has been suggested that the water emerges through the fresh but hot water springs at Lake Magadi, an otherwise brackish and pinkish coloured soda lake 120kms to the south.
Because this is a volcanic area, as witnessed by Mount Longonot, an extinct nearby volcano to the south east, and ancient fumaroles – including the tiny but spectacular Crater Lake – to the west, Kenya is blessed with the presence of the Olkarria Geothermal electrical generating complex – high in the hills just to the south – which feeds massive amounts of much needed power into the national grid.

Since the lake’s underground outflow might perhaps be limited in size, the lake has a surface area of between 140 and 180 km² depending on the rainfall although, and in years gone by, it has been known to either dry up altogether or to expand exponentially during the somewhat cyclic curse of the El Nino weather system which creates flood chaos with its multiple or lengthy torrential rain storms. It has an average depth of 6 meters (20 ft), and its deepest point of 30 meters (100 feet) is off Crescent Island which is a wildlife conservation area.

Lake Naivasha is home to a wide variety of wildlife including a sizeable population of hippos which usually invade our property during their nightly forays for food. Being a freshwater lake, it also has a healthy fish population to include Black bass, Tilapia and Crayfish which attract a variety of fish-eating birds such as Long-tailed and Great Cormorants, along with Fish Eagles, Pelicans, and various types of Kingfishers.

Naivasha is also a good place to see the Grey-backed fiscal. This bird replaces the Long-tailed Fiscal in areas with higher rainfall. Also to be seen in the area is the Black-lored Babbler. The Naivasha race tends to show pale tipped feathers on their heads which gives their appearance a somewhat frosty or haloed effect, and it is believed that this variation may be the result of hybridization with Northern Pied Babblers at some point in the past.

Rates & Seasons 2013


Shoulder From 2nd January To 31st January
  From 1st March To 31st March
  From 16th June To 30th June
  From 1st November To 21st December
 High From 1st February To 28th February
 Peak From 1st July To 31st October
  From 22nd December To 1st January
 Low From 1st April To 15th June

Full Board & Half Board Rates

SeasonMeal PlanSingleDouble3rd Bed
Shoulder Full Board $207.00 $275.00 $110.00
  Half Board $187.00 $235.00 $90.00
High Full Board $248.00 $347.00 $137.00
  Half Board $228.00 $307.00 $117.00
Peak Full Board $248.00 $347.00 $137.00
  Half Board $228.00 $307.00 $117.00
Low Full Board $149.00 $220.00 $150.00
  Half Board $129.00 $180.00 $130.00

Children Rates (Full Board or Half Board)

Children under 3 yrs of age FOC FOC FOC
Children 3-12 yrs sharing with Adults 50% 50% 50%
Children 3 -12 years occupying own room 75% 75% 75%

Extra Meals

Picnic LunchLunchDinner
$20.00 $25.00 $25.00

Christmas & Holiday Suppliments

  • A Christmas supplement of $40 per person will apply to all booking on 24th, 25th, 26th 31st of December 2013 and 1st January 2014.
  • An Easter supplement of $35 per person will apply to all bookings on the 1st of April 2013.

Terms & Conditions


  • For bookings cancelled or reduced in numbers between 90 and 55 days from noon on the date of arrival, 25% of the applicable rate per bednight will be charged
  • For bookings cancelled or reduced in numbers between 44 and 22 days from noon on the date of arrival, 50% of the applicable rate per bednight will be charged
  • In the case of cancellation within 21 days from noon of the date of arrival, or in case of a 'No Show'. 100% of the value of the booking will be charged.


A 50% deposit is payable on confirmation of booking and the balance is due on collection of client(s) accomodation voucher 90DAYS prior to arrival of the client(s) at the Lodge(s). Bookings not secured by the appropriate deposit will be released automatically and without prior notification. All payments should be made out to Masai Mara Sopa Lodge Ltd or Sopa Lodges.


The contractual rates mentioned in this agreement are subject to change without notice; however, every effort will be made to maintain them. In the event of a change in Government Taxes or Levies and basic costs affecting the rates mentioned herein,Sopa Lodges reserves the right to pass on any increases to the AGENT / TOUR OPERATOR.

Dining & Wining

A section of the circular lounge roof gently curves away to shelter the dining room with its huge chandeliers and a large, centrally located fireplace. The buffet area is located to one side of this in a large annex with a spectacular, red granito-topped live cooking area, and the excellent food ranges between Continental, Swahili (Kenya Coast), and Mediterranean cuisines, often with a deliciously subtle fusion of all three disciplines. These are accompanied by a selection of home baked breads, and garden fresh fruits and vegetables.

The dining room also has a large, outdoor patio with umbrella-shaded tables for those who wish to enjoy an open air meal during the day, or during our often warm and balmy evenings.

Swimming Pool

The swimming pool is always a favourite spot for kids because of its open sided snack restaurant which fills them up with pizzas, burgers, hot dogs, toasted sandwiches and, of course, French fries. However we also have an a la carte menu here, and we use this area for private dinner parties.


The lounge area in the main public area building is split into upper and lower levels and the main bar is located between these. With its entire dark timber panel finish, cozy ambience, romantically subtle concealed lighting and high, upholstered bar stools, it would have once been the perfect setting for a scene from one of Dirk Bogarde’s movies.

By way of a total contrast, the pool bar is located in the roofed but open sided area between the swimming pool and the tennis court.