Dining Experience

The Mawenzi Bar is divided into two by a massive central fire place and a freeform wall with subtly concealed lighting. The inner section has suspended wrought iron, shaded chandeliers, beautiful furnishings made of authentic African driftwood, and its walls are decorated with a multitude of Maasai handicrafts and artifacts.

The outer section is surrounded by a semicircle of glass walling which allows guests to look out over the gardens and Mount Kilimanjaro beyond, and is furnished with comfortably cushioned, woven hyacinth sofas and chairs. At the centre of this area there is an ornamental tree with a table and high bar stools set around its trunk.

The long, freeform bar counter – lined with high wrought iron bar stools - has a timber top and a multicolored timber fascia below it. The recessed, back-lit wine and spirits display shelves provide an extremely warm atmosphere.

Hemingway’s Bar is perched on top of massive boulders at the highest point of the property, it offers uninterrupted 360o views of the surrounding landscapes and is the perfect place for an evening sundowner.

Dedicated to the memory of Ernest Hemingway, who died in 1961, the bar is furnished and decorated in period style. Photographs of Hemingway adorn the walls, as do posters of the films of his two books mentioned above.
Steps lead down from the bar to a grotto with a sand floor and African wooden stools, and it is from here that you can get a closer view of the spotted and striped hyenas, the white tailed mongooses, and the Genet cats which come to feast on the meat we put out for them every night.

The Pool Bar is set in a brightly coloured, rodavel-style building adjacent to the swimming pool’s deep end. A central, decorated pillar supports the conical thatched roof while high tables and chairs fill the floor area beside the bar counters.

The Kibo Restaurant is named after the tallest peak of Mt. Kilimanjaro, and is a round structure with a thatched palm frond roof following the design of traditional African huts. The glass windows and doors face the mountain, the floor is made of a mixture of multicolored marble shards and clay tiles, and the side of the mantle of the circular, central fire place is decorated with wood carvings of wild life. Evenly spaced carved wooden panels line the walls and the suspended chandeliers have been made with small traditional African drums as light shades.

The restaurant has a small but attractive recessed bar and there is also an outdoor terrace from where the views of Kilimanjaro are quite simply majestic. Just beyond this there is a camp fire used for sundowners and after dinner drinks, and to one side of this there is a large, freeform fishpond.

The Mawenzi Terrace is an outdoor dining area set beside the Mawenzi Bar and named after Kilimanjaro’s second highest peak. The terrace is shaded by an enormous Acacia tree whose branches also spread out over the long curve of a natural stone-topped buffet table and its two recessed bar-b-cue grills.