Corporate Incentives

As a destination for any incentive, conference or private event, the Sopa Lodges of Kenya and Tanzania offer unrivalled experience in corporate hospitality.

Our dedicated team will tailor make a programme to your requirements and with our wealth of experience in event organising you can be assured that Sopa Lodges will make your event truly unique.

Each lodge whether in Kenya or Tanzania, can play host to a variety of themes and activities both in and around the lodge and within the National Parks.

Working closely with you, and based on your requirements, we will design an event that incorporates as much of the aesthetic environment as you wish.

Below are just a few of the activities and themes in which we have expertise. This is by no means exhaustive, but gives a ”taste” of what could be incorporated into the programme.

Bush breakfasts / Lunches / Dinners Quite possibly one of the most magical experiences is to dine right out in the bush reflecting the fashion of old colonial days.
African Gala Dinners A private dinner within the lodge. African - themed with authentic cuisine and gifts of traditional costumes.
Masai Ambush Quite possibly one of the most famous tribes in the world who will add another dimension to a cocktail party when they “ambush” guests in true warrior style before performing a number of dances.
Balloon Safari The opportunity to view the game from the basket of a hot air balloon is available in a few of the parks. An early morning safari is completed with a bush breakfast upon landing.
Photographic Game Hunting A twist on the traditional game drive. Guests, split in to groups, have to photograph certain animals in order to gain points, with the winning team receiving prizes.