The drive from the property’s main entrance gate to the reception car park takes you through Acacia shrub land where you will often see giraffe or waterbuck. The massive entrance portico is high roofed and oval in shape, and the steps down to the cozy, circular reception area are divided by an attractive water feature.

Lobby & Lounge

This enormous, split-level area is roughly circular in shape with an open to sky garden at its centre, and a wooden paneled 1950’s style bar at its far end. The high ceiling has decorated skylights and supports more chandeliers as well as the chimneys for the ornately worked copper fireplaces, while the fabric and leather upholstered furniture, wooden tables and a piano curve around the room whose huge picture windows offer sublime views over the surrounding landscapes.

The Grounds

The flat area between the resort’s main buildings and the lake shore is covered with lush grass that is regularly manicured by hippos when they leave the lake to feed at night, and is bordered on all three sides by mature Acacia trees. To the right of the lounge is a small forest of tall Euphorbia – a type of cactus – whose upper limits are conveniently trimmed by our resident giraffe, and through which leads the access path to our guest cottages. The dining room to the left of the lounge has a shaded patio, and beyond this are the conference halls and the swimming pool. These are all fronted by cultivated gardens which follow through to line the access path at the rear of the guest cottages and, wherever you go on the estate, you will almost always be certain to come across giraffes and waterbuck, solemn Colobus monkeys, and the more mischievous and frivolous Vervet monkeys.